Moving house as part of a big chain – the saga continues

I am writing this in utter disbelief, with tears rolling down my cheeks, splashing the keys on my laptop and moistening my angrily tapping fingertips.

Six months ago, I shared with you all how our house move had fallen through very close to the end.   Whilst heartbroken and raw, I read it back now with shock at how positive I was, even then, in what felt like a very dark moment.  Of course I could write then with the hope that this sort of thing never happens twice?  Surely that is unheard of?  Surely the next house we find will be THE one?  Turns out I was wrong.  I know I’ve lost all perspective, but honestly, right now I feel like moving house is impossible.

This time around we were in a chain of six, but we’d got even closer.  A few weeks ago everyone was talking about moving this very Friday (22nd June).  We had a date! We had started arranging childcare, received quotes for removal men, cleared out the loft, the kitchen and the under stairs cupboard.  My word, I’d even cleaned the oven in preparation!

However, today we found out that #3 in the chain (our buyer’s buyer) has pulled out.  Our buyers are no longer proceedable.  Therefore we have to put ours on the market again, which for one reason or another, will be the fifth time in 22 months.  We have spent close to £2000 on trying to move and we are back to square one.  Except now we lack the innocent, giddy hope we began the process with – we just feel cynical, jaded and powerless.

We have a daughter who is excited about attending a new pre-school we may never live near.  We have a daughter who is excited about having a new house with a big garden and room for a swing.  We have a daughter who is excited about growing beetroot and runner beans which the elderly couple we are (maybe, were?) buying from have so kindly planted for her to harvest.

We have always told her as little as possible, we have always held back from any absolutes, but she is switched on, asks questions, and listens to all our conversations.  She will be playing with the cushions on the sofa and telling me how I need to remember to put them in the car to take to the new house, or she frequently asks me how we will fit their beloved bunk bed in the car.  The other day I found her looking at the paint chart I’d left lying around, and she said she was deciding which colour to paint the front door of the new house.  She is only three, but totally gets what is/was happening.

And today, our eldest daughter found me sobbing uncontrollably in our bedroom.  It is the first time she has seen me cry.  I know it is okay for them to see us vulnerable, but my word, doesn’t it just make everything hurt ten times more when you see it affecting your kids?  How could these people be so fickle? Why would you spend four months trying to buy a house you don’t actually like?  Who are these people and why do they keep ending up in OUR CHAINS?!!

I appreciate that all this may make me sound completely ungrateful and out of touch with all the injustice the world is currently facing.  I know what we’re going through 100% pales in comparison.  I know I am so blessed to have a roof over our heads, food in our fridge, a loving, kind and patient husband and safe and healthy children.  But, I am still human though, and I am not perfect.  I have selfish tendencies and a desire to feel rooted, to feel in control, to feel like I know what the future holds.  When you’ve been living every week for the past two years with the thought that you could be moving in a few months, I can barely begin to explain how emotionally draining, all-consuming it becomes.  It affects so many decisions.

You don’t know whether to invest heavily in friendships at the pre-school gate because you think you won’t be seeing them again soon.  You don’t bother to plant new plants in the garden (even though the many gaps in the beds bother you every time you see them) because you think you’ll be moving in a few months.  You don’t know whether to pour money into your old, broken, completely unreliable and worthless car to get it fixed, or whether you’ll be moving soon and can then get a proper family car on finance once the mortgage offer has gone through.  You can’t book a holiday.  You don’t know which schools to apply for.  You don’t know when you can start trying for another baby.

Regarding this blog, I am very frustrated that my creativity will be on hold once again – thank you so much for sticking with me!  We were getting so close to this house, I could almost smell the multiple pots of sample paint and hear the noisy sanding machine!  Whilst for many a home is just a roof over their heads (and of course I am very grateful it is for us too), for me it is also part of who I am and what I love.  Living in a house for two years which you cannot change because, ‘we might be moving in a few months’, has left part of me empty, wilted and SO, SO BORED.  That may sound extreme to you, but I suppose for me it compares to how an athlete would feel if they were told they couldn’t exercise for two years, or if you told an author they couldn’t pen more than two sentences together or my husband he had to go vegan.  I miss it dearly – it’s something I am very passionate about and I am so excited about flexing those muscles again one day.




As you can tell I wrote the words above when we’d just heard the news.  I don’t know if I would write them in the same way now but it felt therapeutic at the time and is a raw, honest reflection of how we’ve both been feeling.  I didn’t publish it there and then as I didn’t know how to finish it.  We’ve had a couple of days for the news to sink in, and whilst when I ponder on all the what/ifs and uncertainties I still feel totally overwhelmed, I can of course, write with a bit more clarity now.  We are still none the wiser what our lovely vendors will do (the people we are buying from), and whether we are likely to lose our house or not, but we are on the market again and along with that has come multiple distractions which can only be a good thing.

I’ve kept myself busy sprucing up the garden, cleaning windows, painting walls marked by overzealous children on their bikes and simply doing whatever possible to prepare us for house viewings again.  Our children, of course, bring us joy and laughter and are great at giving you perspective when something feels all consuming.  We have also been completely blessed by friends and family around us sending us kind and encouraging messages – I am so grateful we will not be moving far from them all!

So for now we are just living one day at a time.  We know it ‘can’ only take one good viewing for everything to be back on track again.  We are trying to live life holding onto everything loosely, guarding our hope and hearts from being hurt again.

Thank you as always for following along our very long and drawn out journey.  One day we will have the keys in our hands and you will have to come at me with a box of tissues (and a paint brush!)


PS: The cover picture for this blog post is a sneak peak at half of the garden of the house we are still hoping to maybe, one day buy.  I would never have to buy another plant again!


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  1. The market where we are has completely frozen – I see house after house on Rightmove showing price drops (including yours unfortunately).

    It’s a very strange market out there, prices are all over the place and the next jump up, the standard 4 bed family home for life seems completely out of reach to most normal working people.

    Keep your chin up, your house is certainly one of the smartest looking ones in the village at the moment!

    1. Thank you for reading – It is a very strange market at the moment! Do you mind me asking how you found my blog please?

  2. Oh I am so sorry to hear this. Moving house is so stressful at the best of times. Praying that it all works out somewhere, somehow- maybe there’s an even better house for you? Or you still get the one you want. But, on the flip side you do write about it so beautifully and so I did love this post for its raw emotion. Fingers crossed for a quick buyer- I mean- who wouldn’t want your gorgeous house?! I am trying to convince myself a yellow door would work even though I’m not sure it fits our 1930s house!!

    1. Thank you so much Jemma! Your kind words mean a lot as I was so nervous about posting this one. That’s funny you mention it because our new (maybe?) house is 1930’s and I was wondering if a yellow door would work too? Go for it, I’d say! I had originally read somewhere before painting ours, that yellow doesn’t go with red brick, it put me off for a while and then we just went for it and I must say, I disagree!! I love it!

  3. Such a bummer! Our house was on the market for two years as well, and I was starting to feel like we were never going to sell and that we would have to stay in that house for the rest of our lives! (Dramatic, but it’s hard to keep perspective sometimes.) just when we had decided to take it off the market and put our energy into making it more like a long term home we could love, we got an offer! And the day after we signed the contract, our dream cottage came on the market, and despite sooo many interested buyers and even a few cash offers (according to the agent) the owners chose us, even though we were offering a little less then asking price!
    Within four months we had gone from feeling like we would live in our old house forever, to moving into my dream cottage that I didn’t even know existed in our area! (Which is mostly, new construction and old beach shacks.)
    I’d like to think that everything in a way does happen for a reason, despite the sometimes long wait, and we end up getting what’s just right for us. Hopefully things work out well for you too, despite all the frustrating and heartbreaking setbacks!

    1. Thank you so much Samantha – it is a good to hear positive stories at a time like this. I am so pleased you found your dream house! You’re right though, sometimes it does feel like we are a little trapped, that we will never move!!! Thank you for reading the blog, it means a lot xx

  4. So sorry to hear this – house buying seems to be more unpredictable than ever at the moment. We tried putting our house up for sale last year but it was too stressful!
    Praying for you that you get that ‘one’ viewing sooner rather than later. Love the way you write too xx

    1. Thank you so much Kat! It has been very frustrating – I’m sorry you didn’t manage to sell your home. Will you try again do you think? The market is very strange at the moment!

  5. Oh, that’s such a bad luck! I’m so sorry to hear this and I’m sure it must be so frustrating – house moving can be so hard! We’ve been looking for the right house for the last 2 years and still can’t quite find what we looking for, but when we do – it’s good to be geared up for any possible outcome. I’m sure you’ll find your perfect house next time round!

    1. One thing this whole process has taught me is that it is definitely worth waiting for the right house! You want to have to move as few times as possible I reckon, so worth waiting for the right one before jumping into something that isn’t right! I hope you find ‘the one’ soon Magdalena!

  6. I think it looks really Nice! The best touches I van think of you already added: pictures and pillows. My future hone will probably have some stuffed animals.

  7. Im so sorry to hear of your bad luck with the houses buying and selling. I only found this blog because I am sitting in my half packed house waiting for an exchange of contracts and desperately scared that it will all fall through. I am in a very good position, I have a cash buyer and I am buying a house with vacant possession. But I dont have building regs for when we moved the bathroom upstairs and I think it ill be the undoing of this sale. So im sitting here bored just waiting for something to happen one way or the other. I wish you good luck with yours x

  8. It feels sad to hear your story full of sorrows. Moving house is indeed stressful and all I want is you to get an amazing home for yourself. you have beautifully expressed all your emotions and happenings. Keep sharing!!

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