Top 20 Toddler and Cotbed Duvet Bedlinen Sets

Recently a friend asked me for recommendations on where to find reasonably priced but tasteful toddler or cot bed sized bedlinen.  It’s a question I’ve been asked before, and from my own experience looking for bedlinen for our girls, I knew it would be a challenge to answer!  I opened up the question on my Instagram stories and was absolutely overwhelmed with responses from you all agreeing that there really isn’t much out there under £30… many people even made their own duvet covers as they couldn’t find anything which tickled their fancy.

If you take away one thing from this blog post though, I would suggest you find your bedlinen set(s) at the same time as choosing your duvet.  Toddler or cot bed sizes vary greatly from one store to another and I feel it is harder to find nice bedding that will fit in with your style or scheme, than it is to find a duvet insert of that size, so to increase the amount of choice you have, choose the bedlinen set first.

So I went on a very long trawl across the internet and found twenty sets that I really like.  I’ve split them into a budget category and an investment category.  I hope it helps!

Top 20 Bedlinen Sets in Toddler and Cot Bed Size

1. Grey 3 Piece Set with Yellow Trim, Klammig at Ikea, 70 x 140cm, £13

2.  Cactus Print Bed Linen Set at La Redoute, 140 x 150cm, £17

3.  White Pandas Duvet Set, BlueZoo at Debenhams, 120 x 150cm £10

4.  Grey & Blue Stripe Cotbed set at John Lewis, 120 x 150cm, £30

5.  Reversible Floral Duvet Set at Zara, 100 x 120cm, £19.99

6.  Rocket Bedding Set in Navy Blue at Soak and Sleep, 120 x 150cm, £24.00 (Currently on sale at £18.00)

7.  Wilted Duvet Set by Midnatt at Cissy Wears, 110 x 125cm, £32

8.  Multicoloured Fruit Bedding Set, BlueZoo at Debenhams, 120 x 150cm, £10

9.  Scribble Sketchy Animal Bedding Set, BlueZoo at Debenhams, 120 x 150cm, £10

10.  Gingham Bedlinen in Cool Grey at The White Company, 120 x 140cm, £45

11.  Liberty Print Bedding in Emilia’s Bloom at Coco & Wolf, 120 x 140cm, £115

12. Denim Duvert Cover Set with Stars at Zara, 100 x 120cm, £59.99

13.  Striped Muslin Junior Bedding by Konges Slojd at Cissy Wears, 100 x 140cm, £50

14. Penguin Duvet Set by Rocky & Co at Tobias and the Bear, 120 x 150cm, £50

15.  Rose Rabbit Set by Ferm Living at Lullabuy UK, 70 x 140cm, £53.95

16.  Lucioles Night Multicoloured Duvert Cover by Little Cabari at Smallable, 80 x 120cm, £85

17.  Mustard Linen Set in Cotton Gauze by Numero 74 at Smallable, 100 x 140cm, £84

18.  Pressed Leaves in Rose by Cam Cam Copenhagen at The Modern Nursery, 100 x 140, £54.00

19.  Sashiko Blush Cotbed Set by Cam Cam Copenhagen at The Tipi, 100 x 140cm, £39

20.  Woodland Bedding in Grey by Little Jagger, 120 x 140cm, from £65


When it came to choosing our girls bedlinen a couple of years ago, I made the mistake of buying the duvet insert first which meant I couldn’t find anything I liked to fit at the time. In the end I closed my eyes at the ££ and bought the Sashiko Blush by Cam Cam Copenhagen (number 19) from the lovely Naomi at The Tipi.  We also bought two other Cam Cam Copenhagen sets in different colours and they complement each other really well without being too matchy matchy.  We use these for both our girls and have one spare for when the other is in the wash (as long as they’re not both sick on the same night!)

At £40 a pop it is much more expensive than I would normally pay (our own king sized bedlinen cost £18 from Matalan!) but I couldn’t find any I liked that were cheaper and as always you get what you pay – these have proven well worth the outlay.  They are beautiful.  The quality is divine and they have a zip fastening which makes them super quick and easy to change.   I have washed them over and over and over and they are still so soft and holding their colour really well.


So, whatever your budget, I hope this blog post has helped you on your search for stylish bedlinen for your toddler! Do let me know if you decide to purchase one!



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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me, Little Jagger. Great blog piece! My hunt for neutral bedding lead me to design my own. I make bedding to order so can make it to the required size. Rebecca x

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