#ourkidslivehere: A new family and interiors Instagram hashtag challenge

Do you love stylish interiors but also have kids? Do you know they can actually be compatible together?!

Sometimes it’s just a case of seeing how others do it, to inspire you to do the same.  What hacks do they use?  How do they make the shared room for the kids work both practically and aesthetically?  Where the heck do they put all the ugly toys?!

That’s why Coral Atkinson (@coral.atkinson, founder and creator behind the beautiful Velveteen Babies) and I (@theottohouse), have decided to start a new hashtag challenge which we hope will encourage people to share, and be inspired by, stylish and creatively decorated homes which have our family lives at the centre.  Our homes may not always look straight out of a magazine but they do have life to the fullest enjoying every inch of them.  You will be able to find all this inspiration under the hashtag #ourkidslivehere and you can add your own pictures to the feed too by popping the hashtag in the caption underneath your picture.  We would love you to feel free to include your kids in these pictures if you like, but without them is totally fine too (we don’t want anyone ‘styling’ their kids into a shot just for Instagram!)  We will share our favourites on our Instagram stories and, at the end of each month, our favourite picture will win an amazing prize from an incredible independent interiors based brand!  So, be sure to follow both our accounts so you don’t miss out on the news including which fabulous prizes we have coming up!

I can’t wait to be inspired by all the pictures of your children enjoying your gorgeous homes. Whether it be with them in the shot or not, a favourite play corner or nursery room, them living it large in your own bed or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, please do share with everyone using the hashtag #ourkidslivehere.

Here are some of my favourite family and interior accounts who capture family life in their homes so beautifully… go check them out!

1 top interior and family instagram accounts2 top interior and family instagram accounts

4 top interior and family instagram accounts

We look forward to seeing you over at #ourkidslivehere! Do let us know if you’re hoping to get involved in the comments below…


PS.  The prize this month (May 2018) is a print of your choice from Gayle Mansfield Designs!


Gayle Mansfield Designs Typography Print Interiors


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