My top picks from Cotswold Company

(Please note: Whilst I am not receiving anything in exchange for this blog post/giveaway – I have previously received free products from the Cotswold Co. as part of a separate collaboration.)

Want to win a £400 voucher for the Cotswold Company? Read on to find out how…

Whilst we are all spending a lot of time in our homes lately, I am sure many of you are noticing new areas that aren’t working so well, or wanting to finish corners that have been ignored for too long. As we all live, work and play in one space, the walls can feel like they are creeping in on us and extra work items or home schooling resources are highlighting a need for more storage and better organisation.

Nothing beats a good old clear out or tidy up when it comes to creating space you didn’t know you had. You can also shop your own home to change up areas that are no longer working for you, move items from one room to another, play with different combinations of furniture or hang the picture that’s been propped precariously against the wall since Christmas.

BUT, if someone did give you a £400 voucher to spend at Cotswold Co, what would be the number one ‘problem zone’ you’d try to solve right now? Mine would be shoe and welly storage (with family members that put their shoes/wellies into said storage as an extra bonus!) and a dedicated linen cupboard would also be a DREAM!

Here are my top picks from Cotswold Company right now. Check out my Instagram feed for all the information you need to enter the £400 giveaway!

From L-R:

And that’s it! It was hard to narrow it down to just ten items as they have so many gorgeous ranges available. I have my eye on the large pantry cupboards for one day when we finally have a grown up kitchen!

Have fun changing up your homes in whatever way you can, whether something big or small, being creative can really help in times like these.

Please note – this giveaway has now ended. Many thanks.

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