Ikea Play Kitchen Makeover

ikea duktig play kitchen hack

Our Ikea Duktig kitchen is definitely our most played with toy. With two girls under five, it has been well loved for over four years and was beginning to show a few signs of looking tired. I’ve always wanted to upcycle it, and over the years have had various designs in mind, but renovating two houses and a house move took priority over less essential (but way more fun) projects like this one. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know we have given our real kitchen a temporary update, whilst we save for an extension. This project, therefore, gave me a chance to put my plywood and ribbed wood dreams into real life, albeit on a smaller scale!! It has also meant I had a chance to change two of the only things I found impractical about the play kitchen – the fact that all the toys fell down the back, and the plastic hooks which the kids constantly pulled off and scattered around the house. I wanted to create something different from other play kitchen hacks I’d seen, so I looked at ‘grown-up’ kitchens and furniture for inspiration. I love the texture ribbed wood creates whilst still maintaining a neutral palette. This makeover took very little skill and is relatively simple to create, but it was a bit time consuming! I hope this quick tutorial will make it easier for you and give you the inspiration you need to finally get cracking with your play kitchen makeover. 1. First, you need to take the top section off the kitchen and remove the small white panel that Ikea provides (which goes behind the ‘microwave’ bit) – this is easy to do as it just slides out. Then remove the pole by loosening the sides with an allen key. 2. For the ‘splashback’, cut a 6mm sheet of plywood to size using a circular saw (or some local DIY stores will cut it for you). Drill holes in each corner of the plywood, place your sheet in situ, and then drill a small hole where your screw will go. Attach it with four screws in each corner to the back of the kitchen, and if necessary secure it with an extra screw in the middle at the top. 3. The wooden pegs are from H&M Home and were secured by drilling two holes into the plywood (use a spirit level to get them straight) and then I popped two flat screws through the holes with washers on the other side to tighten them and make sure there is no movement. 4. The tap and sink are sprayed with Rustoleum Surface Primer to start with, followed by some leftover PlastiKote spray I had in matt black. I then used Rustoleum Clear Lacquer spray paint to give them an extra coat for durability. I lightly sanded my tap and sink thinking it would help the paint to adhere to the surface but, being plastic, it just made the surface quite […]

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What’s that you say? Another blogger blogging about having a blog?!

What's that you say? Another blogger blogging about having a blog?!

Well yes, apparently that seems to be the case. Except I’m not sure I would call myself a blogger just yet, the imposter syndrome I am feeling is in full force as I venture to make this post public with everybody. Who knew I’ve been bustling away behind the scenes, writing blog posts and not even telling anyone about it?!

So here we are then, another interiors blog to add to the already over-saturated market of interiors content online. Man am I aware of that! I must confess though, in all my time scrolling on the interweb or scouring social media, I haven’t quite come across another interiors blog that totally gets ‘me’ or our situation, so I thought I’d start one!
If you’ve arrived here from my Instagram, you will probably be well aware we are trying to sell our house. I must confess, we had no idea it would take this long and even our ‘worst possible outcome’ was that we’d have moved somewhere bigger by Christmas 2017 which is not looking likely whatsoever. Now that, my friends, is a whole other story of which I’ll love to tell you one day when I can report a happy ending, but, I did originally set up this blog to document our new house, our new project, the transformation of our ‘forever home’.

I hope and pray, that one day soon, I will be doing that, sat at my desk in my new office, smugly tapping away at my keyboard, full of energy and beans because the girls FINALLY HAVE THEIR OWN ROOMS AND DON’T WAKE EACH OTHER UP EVERY NIGHT! (I am well aware all my ‘energy and beans’ will probably then be spent on sanding a staircase, rolling a ceiling, or knocking down a wall but please do let me indulge in a future where I am not tired for one moment.)

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