What’s that you say? Another blogger blogging about having a blog?!

What's that you say? Another blogger blogging about having a blog?!

Well yes, apparently that seems to be the case. Except I’m not sure I would call myself a blogger just yet, the imposter syndrome I am feeling is in full force as I venture to make this post public with everybody. Who knew I’ve been bustling away behind the scenes, writing blog posts and not even telling anyone about it?!

So here we are then, another interiors blog to add to the already over-saturated market of interiors content online. Man am I aware of that! I must confess though, in all my time scrolling on the interweb or scouring social media, I haven’t quite come across another interiors blog that totally gets ‘me’ or our situation, so I thought I’d start one!
If you’ve arrived here from my Instagram, you will probably be well aware we are trying to sell our house. I must confess, we had no idea it would take this long and even our ‘worst possible outcome’ was that we’d have moved somewhere bigger by Christmas 2017 which is not looking likely whatsoever. Now that, my friends, is a whole other story of which I’ll love to tell you one day when I can report a happy ending, but, I did originally set up this blog to document our new house, our new project, the transformation of our ‘forever home’.

I hope and pray, that one day soon, I will be doing that, sat at my desk in my new office, smugly tapping away at my keyboard, full of energy and beans because the girls FINALLY HAVE THEIR OWN ROOMS AND DON’T WAKE EACH OTHER UP EVERY NIGHT! (I am well aware all my ‘energy and beans’ will probably then be spent on sanding a staircase, rolling a ceiling, or knocking down a wall but please do let me indulge in a future where I am not tired for one moment.)

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