Hello! Do you love your home to look stylish and friendly with a bit of fun thrown in? Do you love gorgeous whites and neutrals but then can’t say no to a pop of colour either? Oh and did I mention being on a budget?!

Well, welcome to our home at The Otto House. I don’t believe in changing things just for the sake of it, but I do believe in creating a home you love, where people feel comfortable to keep their shoes on and let their toddlers run wild.

Our home is a mix of vintage, new and upcycled projects and wherever possible, I love to share the process on here and on Instagram. All our DIY is carried out alongside our two young children, between school runs and Paw Patrol episodes and any spare moment we can grab in between.

This may be the only blog that refers to jobs taking ‘three baby naps’ as a timescale reference and matches the potty with the woodwork – but just because you have young children at home, it doesn’t mean you have to throw all style out of the window!

You can mostly find me hanging out on: