I’m Hannah, 26 years old, attempting to mother a toddler and baby, attempting to wife a husband.  Sound familiar? Join me as I attempt to write a blog about our attempts to renovate our house!

Our lives are fun, messy, and never perfect, with a side order of sleep deprivation to add to the chaos of renovating a home. This may be the only blog that refers to jobs taking ‘three baby naps’ as a timescale reference and matches the potty with the woodwork. Just because you’re catering to what can sometimes feel like tiny dictators in your midst, it doesn’t mean that style and aesthetics have to be thrown out the window alongside the sexy underwear, 10am lie ins and listening to music in the car that doesn’t sound like a mouse being strangled.

I’ll be documenting what we’ve been doing in our home over the last year, the successes and failures, realistic family friendly style on an even more realistic budget, as well as the odd thoughts on motherhood when those hormones get me feeling all totes emosh.


Hannah Otto
Photography: Igor Demba


Spend for Syria

Hannah is also the host of Spend for Syria, an Instagram-based charity auction, held to raise vital funds for refugees forced to leave their own homes in Syria. You can read more about the project here.